In the old stone farmhouse Borgo di Vigoleno has officially begun the production of eggs for consumption, on the part of our hens. Sice a couple of weeks are deposited in the hen house an average of two eggs a day that we go to collect and make readily in a cool place.

The eggs stored properly mantegono their quality and freshness for about 28 days, to avoid any risk of infection, are eaten cooked. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition eggs farmed organically reared outdoors, like ours as it uses in the countryside, are richer than those in industrial production of Omega 3, Vitamin A, E, D , B12, Beta Carotene, Folic acid and contain less cholesterol than those reared in cages.

During the day the chickens scratch around in the pasture of horses, with which it has created a nice friendship, freely feeding on grass, while the evening is given a mix of organic grains. Even the chickens, as our horses are kept in a strictly natural management.