Cremona, the town of the violin, is one of the most evocative itinerary for our guests in Borgo di Vigoleno, a special itinerary to spend a day in a unique place.

Cremona is located about 40 kilometers from Borgo di Vigoleno has a picturesque historic center with most sights clustered around the main square, Piazza del Comune, and with more than 130 workshops the city has finally regained its position as being an essential reference for international violinmaking. Violin making initiated in the second part of the 16th century with Andrea Amati, creating, over three centuries, an evolutive process unique in the world. In these 300 years many families of violinmakers succeeded one another for several generations: from father to son, from nephew to grand-nephew. These famous families are the Bergonzis, the Guarneris, the Ruggeris and the Stradivaris; dynasties of violin makers more or less well-known, but undoubtedly all relying on the classical tradition of instrument making.

Cremona can be reached by car with a road itinerary that well represent the  typical landscape of the area with  cultivated fields, the quite flow of rivers and canals, long rows of poplar trees flanking the watercourses or grouped in small woods. You can also see old walled towns, large farming villages, large farmsteads, bodri surrounded by the distinctive marsh vegetation, plane woods, parks and nature reserves.

Cremona is carved out from rivers Adda to the west, the Po to the south, the Oglio to the east and the Serio to the north. The Po river has been impressed in history over centuries, nowadays it is an important trade and tourist route, it also constitutes one of the finest environments of naturalistic interest in the province. You can cruise along the river on board of one of the numerous boats that offer tourist excursions to show the small riverside villages and places of uncontaminated nature.

The pleasures of fine food have always played a rule of importance in and around Cremona. The typical products of this fertile land of great farming traditions are: torrone, mostarda, cold meats and dairy produce. Cotechino and zampone are typical in winter, accompanied by lentils or Soncino. From 16 to 18 November 2012 Cremona celebrate the famous Festa of Torrone.

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