Natural Handmade Soap On web site is online a natural handmade soap with the fragrance  Honey & Jasmine, a romantic product with a floral summer flavor.

A gift of a natural handmade soap like our Honey & Jasmine, product according to the ancient tradition of the horse farm of Borgo di Vigoleno ®, suggests thousand messages of friendship or love being the Jasminum a flower,  par excellence, symbol of grace, elegance but also the symbol of sensuality.

It is also considered a good lucky charms according to an ancient legend that tells of a noble from Tuscany, in the sixteenth century, for the first time planted a jasmine plant coming from the Indies. He forbade the gardener to cut even a single branch being very jealous of its plan smelling summer during nights. The gardener, in contravention of the order, took away a branch and planted it at his house starting a prodduction and becoming one of the richest men in Tuscany.

Our natural handmade soap are characterized by an intense fragrance that distinguishes them and makes them different from one another, are made with honey for a quantity that, in our latest productions, has exceeded 75% of the total.

The benefits of honey in cosmetics have been known since Roman times for a very mild soap on the skin, and having no preservatives or chemical additives, are friability and soft during the use. Honey is safe for sensitive skin, has the ability to attract water, and aids in the process of tissue regeneration.

Our natural handmade soaps, thanks to its form and design, are often used as decorations and scents for the house. You can byu online at the special price of €
3.80 on the site