Vacation rentalA vacation rental in Italy in Borgo di Vigoleno® is an opportunity for relax but also of culture and history, to discover many treasures in the surrounding area. To our vacation rental guests we suggest a route to the left bank of the Po River, 70 km from home vacation rental Borgo di Vigoleno®  direction to the town of Sabbioneta,  a charming city, designed in the second half of the 16th century by Vespasiano Gonzaga (1531–1591) whose dream was to build the ideal Renaissance city.

The nicknamed of Sabbioneta is “small Athens,” and for our guests a visit to Sabbioneta is a truly unique experience: they came back in time, around 1556, when Vespasiano Gonzaga began converting the old medieval town of Sabbioneta into a military fort. He designed the defense walls and the urban plan, a star-shaped plan and is completely surrounded by the city walls. The main street unites the only two entryways into the city, and is intersected by a number of small roads. There are two central squares and most of the main pubic buildings are located between the two. Artists from the Lombardia and Emilia schools of arts were called to decorate the buildings of the city and in 2008, Sabbioneta was declared, together with Mantua, is historic city of UNESCO.

Vacation rental The architectural jewel of Sabbioneta is the Teatro all’Antica, built beginning in 1588 and inaugurated with Carneval parties in February of 1590. The theater was built by Vincenzo Scamozzi (1548–1616), an architect from Vicenza. He designed the first example of a local theater in modern times, built specifically for this purpose and not based on preexisting structures. The interior of the theater, built with wood and stucco, has a staircase, which leads up to a loggia with statues of the Olympic gods and a theater box.

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