Vacation rental in ItalySummer time in Borgo di Vigoleno® Vacation Rental is not only a chance to discover a gorgeous nature and travel history but it is also an opportunity to visit the flea markets of the area that, with delicacies and traditional crafts, will be held in many squares and streets of the historic villages in the surrounding area. It is a great opportunity to find unusual gifts maybe in Cortemaggiore, 20 km from Borgo di Vigoleno® Vacation Rental.

Every fisrt Sunday of each month, except January and February, in Cortemaggiore there is the antiques market “Mercatino dell’Antiquariato” that open al 10 am with free entrance.

Cortemaggiore, in the province of Piacenza, is a small but beautiful reinassance village of “Bassa” (Lower) Piacentina.
Founded in 1479 by Gian Ludovico Pallavicino in its historical center preserves the structure of urban renaissance, on which stand the most important civic and religious monuments.
In the fifteenth century was the capital of the State Pallavicino, one of the largest and wealthiest of this period.