Autumn is the best season in Italy to enjoy agricultural landscape, vineyards and castles but also traditions and genuine tastes and for our guests in Borgo di Vigoleno® Vacation Rental B&B is a continuous discovery. We are on the Stirone River Valley that divided the province of Parma and Piacenza, not only castles or riverside villages, not only rows of poplars along the river banks but a slow, balanced and harmonious immersion into this land but also ham and cheeses to be tasted after a visit to a castle or old town centre.

The province of Piacenza and Piacenza are characterized by different climatic and cultural identities: on one side, the fresh hills and valleys dotted with castles and vineyards, traces of the ancient dominions and rulers; on the other side, the foggy plain of the Po River and its tributaries, with canals and poplars.

Borgo di Vigoleno® Vacation Rental B&B  is in a land with the highest number of Doc (controlled denomination of origin) wines and Dop (protected designation of origin) products. Ortrugo white wine and Gutturnio red wine are perfect to be enjoyed with local dishes prepared with local products like truffles, potatoes, tomatoes and ancient fruit.

A vacation that take tourists back in time to the typical way of italian country living:  good food, good music and genuine traditions. All this can be discovered by exploring the hills with their orderly cultivations, villages, ancient settlements and castles and travelling up to the Apennines which stretch into Liguria, Lombardy and Piedmont among vineyards, meadows, woods and waterways.