Days are shorter and evening temperatures begin to pinch, these are the signs that autumn has arrived. The old farmhouse Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno, thanks to the rains of last days with sun still mild during the central hours of the day, is surrounded by green hills dotted with patches of red and orange. Walking along the paddock I can’t resist to bring home the colors that the country offers during this season.

In the garden there are  the latest zinnias, a simple flower that is accompanied by branches of pyracantha berries with orange, wild rose and ivy. Just a small vase and flowers become an objet of design representing the personality of the people living there. If in 1800 it was fashionable to speak of a language of flowers, today we tend to emphasize the character and tastes with the color of the bouquet.

It turns out that a bunch of flowers by color orange is preferred by people with energy, passion and a lot of interests.
A preference for flowers in pastel colors reveals a sweet personality and neat, slightly passive and often worried about making a good impression while those who choose the fucsia hides elements of spirituality and contemplation. Yellow flowers relate to creative and dynamic people, red is the color of the people active and energetic. Who choosedominant green bouquet is generally a person strong, stable and balanced. White is the not color, the hue of the undecided, those who are still looking for a precise personality.

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