Castello di Montechiarugolo A holiday in B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® is also a journey through history. We are the crossroads of 22 enchanting castles that dot the territory of Emilia Apennines: each castle is the fulcrum of the landscape through art, history, culture, gastronomy with exquisite taste and  typical products, to live among nature parks, fascinating valleys, nature reserves river, meadows and wide expanses of fields.

Among these there is the Castle of Montechiarugolo, a private propriety, 16 km form Parma, open to vists from on Sunday from 10-12 and 15-18. Constructed by Guido Torelli in the 14th century upon the ruins of a pre-existent settlement, rising up above the Enza stream, an important example of both fortified architecture and an aristocratic residence.

During the course of the 16th century it acquired new splendour; with Pomponio Torelli, distinguished humanist and scholar, the castle became the destination of a select group of artists and illustrious guests, including Pope Paul III and King Francis I of France.

Access to the mighty crenellated structure is gained by means of the drawbridge. Inside, one is welcomed by splendid frescoed rooms where, as legend has it, the ghost of the Fata Bema still wanders. From the open gallery there is a magnificent view of the middle course of the Enza.