Adunata Alpini Piacenza 2013 Will be held in Piacenza between May 10 to 12, 2013 The Adunata Nazionale degli Alpini, a celebration of the elite mountain warfare soldiers of the Italian Army. 

Formed in 1872, they are the oldest active mountain infantry in the world, the  original mission of Aplini was to protect Italy’s northern mountain border with France and Austria. They distinguished themselves during World War I when they fought a three-year-long campaign in the Alps. Due to the reorganization of the Italian Army after the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, three of five Alpini brigades and many support units were disbanded.

For the celebration are expected in Piacenza more than 400 thousand people and takes place over several days in Piacenza and province and it has its climax on sunday with a parade of tens of thousands of Alpini on the streets of the host city. 

Four our guests in the Self car­ter­ing Vaca­tion Rental B&B Borgo di Vigoleno® the celebrations Adunata Nazionale degli Alpini will be a unique opportunity to attend a memorable event of its kind in Piacenza and its Province.