San Damiano San Damiano is small village with 150 inhabitants, only 15 km from B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno®, a place where the Holy Virgin appared and where today thousands of piligrims all over the world arrive in the Sanctuary to pray the Miracolous Lady of the Roses.

The story of San Damiano starts on 29th Semptember 1961 when a humble family mother who was dying, Rosa Quattrini, was suddenly cured in her home by a young woman who was visiting her. In May 1962, the young woman made herself known to Rosa as “the Mother of Consolation and of the Afflicted” during her pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo to meet Padre Pio.

On 16th October 1964, The Holy Virgin appeared to Rosa for the first time, in her garden, above the pear tree and gave her the first message, charging her with transmitting it to the whole world. From that day onwards began Mamma Rosa’s great mission. The Holy Virgin would appear to her continuously and give her numerous messages for the whole world, until her death in 1981.

For our guests staying in B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® we organize a shuttle/taxi service from the self catering holiday vacation to San Damiano, to be agreed upon at the special rate of 650,00 rate for 6 sleeps.