Food Valley B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® is at the center of the “Food Valley”, the gluttonous land of tastes, wines and typical produce with  great gastronomic value. “Food Valley” is the homeland of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, Parma ham and Culatello di Zibello, Coppa from Piacenza, Strolghino di culatello, Pancetta and over 80 types of wines coming from the 20 DOC and DOCG certifications zones in Emilia Romagna. 

The local food culture extends beyond the city walls and castles because the whole territory surrounding B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® contains a cicuit of museums and tours dedicated to the great products of the regions, and unique experience to discover the history, the production method, the characteristics and the flavors of these products.

During the stay in B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® you can decide to follow 5 different tours: Wine and Flavours of the Piacenza Hills Tour (; Po area and Flavours of the Piacenza Lowlands Tour (; Culatello of Zibello Tour (; Prosciutto and Wine of the Parma Hills Tour ( and Porcino Mushrooms of Borgotaro Tour ( 

After a holiday in our region you’ll understand that a the country’s cuisine does not exist solely in a list of recipes, but is represented in the identities of a land and its people, that also exists in their memories,  in those who have passed along the knowledge and wisdom for centuries in the preparation of food, transforming oftentimes “poor” or marginal ingredients into masterpieces of taste and good health.