Lavanda del Borgo di Vigoleno Nature has a healing power on our minds, on our bodies and our emotions and our B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® was conceived and is growing just in search of an exaltation of the humans, horses and nature, to understand ourselves and, above all, our role in the world in search of peace and harmony.

The pastures that surround the manor house, where is the B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno®  and where horses  stay during the day, have been created according to a projet of a botanical garden. The native plants were added shrubs, roses, herbs, vegetable and fruit, and at each step all of our senses are stimulated. We can see the colors, that change with the seasons, sniff the taste, touch and taste their delicacy and kindness.

During these days of summer a gentle breeze moves the leaves and creates a sweet melody mixed with the sound of birds and of the horses, our special guests at the end of their competitive career.

The outside world gets muffled in B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno®  and let it out or come in, with television or internet, is a personal choice. But the nature and its beauty make us stronger, inspired and even comforted. The mind and senses are active and full of vitality.

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