wreath Hanging a wreath on the front door of my B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® is one of the easiest ways to say “welcome” to my guest. Of couse there are no reason for wreaths to appear only on the door: just because they are right in every season, wreaths and flowers dried decorations are right for every room.

Wreaths are easy and fun to make and one of the most important step (and fun) is to organize the material: leaves of all kinds, fruits, flowers, berries, scented herbs, seeds and vegetables. I can use the fresh or dried and all of them come from my garden, pasture and woods.

I love the scented and officinal herbs: basil, oregano, thyme, elicrisio, lavender are able to transform my wreaths in an “aromateraphy home decor”. From february to november the farmhouse Borgo di Vigoleno® is filled with flowers and herbs in various staging of drying, preserving and pressing. I cut them early in the day, before the first feed of the horses, and when at home I hang them in a dry room with good air circulation and not direct sunlights. Every flower or herbs vary the drying times so it’s important to check them every few days.