vacation rental in Italy September is probably the best time to spend an holiday in Borgo di Vigoleno® Ecotourism Vacation Rental. The temperatures are mild and perfect for sightseeing most of the precious treasures of the Castles of Ducky of Parma and Piacenza, hide among the woods and the vineyards. To reach them you have only to follow the sweet sea breeze that penetrates the hills in this fertile patch of the Po valley and to go with the continuous winding ups and downs. Apart from the usual close attractions such as Piacenza, Parma, Salsomaggiore Terme, Cremona,  Busseto and the Maestro Verdi’s land there are plenty of others visits, especially for autumn season.

Friendly territory, our land offers a lot of places for the visitor to discover, rare art treasures and unusual places. So if you feel like moving around you will find what you are looking for: people, nature, art and the spirit of our territory. For example the Modenese territory, stretches between the plain and the Apennines and limited by the rivers Secchia and Panaro, witnessed in the middle ages the passage of kings and merchants, armies and pilgrims. The marks they left are in the cart-tracks, the abbeys and the hospitals, the hamlets and the shrines, remarkable traces of an age in which the journey had, above all, a religious and spiritual meaning. The Matilda Path, The Bibulca Route and The Romea Nonantolana Route, important lines of communication in the Middle Agee, can still be trodden by those who, cycling or walking, want to discover and understand the spirit of our ancestors.

Last, but not least, we will never tire of emphasizing that Borgo di Vigoleno® Ecotourism Vacation Rental is inside a protected area, established in 1988 thanks to several associations and the local authorities, has a great paleontological value also depending on the erosive action of the stream which, after the intense gravel excavations of the 1950s and 60s, has brought to the light fossil strata of great scientific importance. The Park of Stirone and Piacenziano is also important for its flora, vegetation, and wildlife and, especially in september for the migration of birds.