potato gnocchi On November 11th Italy celebrates Estate di San Martino, the St, Martin’s summer, a period of warm weather in late autumn, with its rural traditions of ancient origins.

Legend has it that San Martino became a monk after serving as a Roman soldier.  On a cold rainy day in  November, Martino was traveling on horseback, and came across a half-naked beggar.  Seeing that the poor beggar was shivering from the cold, Martino took pity on him, and cut his own cloak in half, giving one half to the beggar.  As soon as Martino set off again on his journey, the sun came out and the temperature became warm. 

In our country around Ecotourism Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® this is also the right moment of the year to try new “novello” wine and it’s the time to eat the handmade potato gnocchi or Sgranfgnòn in local dialect.