Daily Mirror on ParmaBritish newspaper Daily Mirror recently dedicated an article on Parma, a quite corner of Italy an unspoiled slice of heaven on earth for food lovers.

Ecotourims Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® is 30 minutes by car from Parma and Warren Manger on Daily Mirror reported that Emilia Romagna is the home to the Alma academy Italy’s leading ­culinary college founded by the ­godfather of the nation’s modern gastronomy Gualtiero Marchesi and that Parmesan cheese is so central to the local economy it can be mortgaged to borrow money, while Parma ham and Tortellini pasta are famous the world over.

“But Emilia-Romagna – Warren Manager expalins –  has far more than food on the menu. Its colourful culture dates back to the Etruscans, who inhabited the area before the Roman Empire and has been baked to perfection over more than 2,000 years. As a self-confessed history geek I found the remnants of the Renaissance dotted around the cobbled streets of Parma and Piacenza breathtaking. A particular highlight is The Assumption of the Virgin, a famous fresco that covers the dome of Parma Cathedral.“

A vist to Parma  means that we are in Maestro Verdi’s land birthplace, only 20 min form Ecotourims Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno®, and 25 min form Reggio Emilia’s superior shops, or heading to nearby Guastalla (15 min) for a boat trip along the River Po and enjoying an espresso as you watch the world go by.

“Emilia-Romagna – Daily Mirror concludes – may not be able to muster quite as many famous landmarks as Rome or Venice, but it has all the ingredients to make you fall in love at first bite.”