bargnolinoIt’s harvest time in Ecotourims Podere Borgo di Vigoleno®, not just the grapes, but also for the many berries that grow wild on our farm. With many berries and fruits, as a countryside tradition, I prepare my own handmade liqueurs that will be ready for the Christmas season.

I use any fruits available, such as blackberry, sloes, raspberry, apple and I leave to infuse with alcohol, sugar and wine. For the first week I shake the bottles every day and then every week for the next two months, or more: the longer I leave it before straining and bottling, the flavor will be better.

Making my own wine, vineyards and liqueurs is one of the values ​​of our Ecotourims Podere Borgo di Vigoleno®, en excellent way to promote our land using some of the products that I grow and harvest. I personally love experimenting with new spices and flowers, following my own instinct thanks with the inspiration that nature offers in every season and everyday.