SolomeoBrunello Cucinelli is not only one of the most exclusive casual-chic fashion brands in the world, well known for its cashmere products, but is a man who has always dreamed of creating useful work for an important objective, an example to follow for many who speak but do not transform the words into action.

His group combines its Italian heritage, outstanding quality and superb artisan craftsmanship with great creativity, contemporary style and an entrepreneurial model based on values such as the dignity of people and the dignity of work, which allows it to successfully combine efficient business practices with its social mission.

One of the last is “A Project for Beauty” a plan for the creation of three parks beneath the ancient village of Solomeo, near Perugia, which was turned into the company headquarters of Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A.

The project consists in demolishing a small industrial settlement that developed next to the headquarters over the years, with an Industrial Park, where the garden of Solomeo will stretch down into the valley becoming a park filled with the colors, fragrances, and sounds typical of nature’s millenary beauty. Alongside the Industrial Park will be the Lay Oratory Park, with a small barrier-free stadium nestled in six hectares  of thickets and meadows, devoted to the sports activities of young boys and girls. Next to the Lay Oratory Park there will be the Agricultural Park composed approximately seventy hectares (173 acres) of land to be used for vegetable gardens, vineyards, olive groves, orchards, and trees. The land will be cultivated with a respect for nature, and its produce will be used for local consumption and in the company dining halls.