Santa ClausSaint Nicholas relics lie in Bari Cathedral in Italy. Once again Italy has a hidden treasure that has not been able to exploit. – – –

Christmas come only once a year for most people around the World, but near the Arctic Circle in Finland, Santa Claus stays busy all year around. Welcome in Rovaniemi, FInland, Santa’s hometown of the legendary gift-giver who travels around the world every year to deliver millions of presents.

BBC reported that Santa receives cloase to 30.000 letters a day during the peak holiday season from boys and girls asking for special gifts and people come from all over the world to experience the magic of his presencein The Santa Claus Village gives kids, but adults alike, the chance to come face to face with Santa and meet his elfin helpers and reindeer.

The BBC report announced that the “most realistic” portrait of the saint who became Santa Claus has been produced at a Liverpool university. The image of him has been created using a facial reconstruction system and 3D interactive technology by Liverpool John Moores University’s Face Lab.

Saint Nicholas was a 4th Century bishop who liked to give gifts secretly. The Saint, who died in 343, was the Greek bishop of Myra and his relics lie in Bari Cathedral in Italy. Once again Italy has a hidden treasure that has not been able to exploit. Here are some fact sheet on the development that Finland has been able to develop in the Arctic Circle.

Rovaniemi, lies on the Arctic Circle, is the capital of Lapland, and its surface area (8,016 km2) makes it Finland’s, if not Europe’s, largest city. Rovaniemi has a population of around 60,000, and there are about 14,000 reindeer in the region. Summertime visitors experience midnight sun when the sun never sets; wintertime it is sometimes possible to see flashes of northern lights (aurora borealis) in the sky.

Rovaniemi is not only the capital of Christmas but it’s the Finland’s most popular tourist destination for international visitors after Helsinki a really all yearround destination. Ther is an international airport at a 10minute drive from the city centre, modern infrastructure and qualified personnel and thanks to a growing population it offers a steady stream of new employees graduating from several educational establishments, including two universities.

Tourism investments offer even more potential: tourism income is predicted to triple by 2020 in Lapland. Rovaniemi has a unique setting for conferences and congresses; people attending a meeting can enjoy the pulsating city and peaceful nature at one and the same time.

Even climate change increases the competitive advantage of Lapland as fewer places in the world can guarantee snow. As the “gateway to Lapland” and as a fascinating destination by itself Rovaniemi is set to benefit from the growth boom.

Merry Christmas!