Rome Fontana TreviItalian Premier Matteo Renzi announced today, during the Coni’s ceremony of the Golden Collars and the Gold and Silver Stars of Sports Merit, that Rome will propose a cost-conscious bid to host the 2024 Olympics Summer Games.

The decision comes two years after Italy refused to bid for the 2020 Games because of financial concerns under then-premier Mario Monti that refused to provide financial backing.

The new bid comes with Italy’s economy still stagnant and the corruption scandal in Rome but Renzi declared today: “Italy too often seems hesitant and it’s unacceptable not to try.”

The Italian capital’s competitors to host the event could include Washington, D.C, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Kiev, Doha and Istanbul.

As honest Italian citizen, I’m – like many others Italians – worry about the future of my Country and disgusted by so many bad stories but I think, without political reference, that the choice to look far, in 2024, is the right choice. The hope is that Italy is able to make system and quickly solve many problems that are killing our future.