CampagnaSaturday 7th, 2015 in Milan, at the Hangar Bicocca, was the day of the event Expo of Ideas and the first stage for the Charter of Milan.

There were more than 40 thematic groups, in which over 500 experts will partecipate that had the task of examining all the exhibition themes, in particular in the following four areas of: development versus equity and sustainability; food culture, energy to live together; agriculture, food and health for a sustainable future; looking towards more humane cities: from “smart cities” to “slow cities”.

At the evens participated Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Pope Francis offered his own extraordinary reflection on the right to food and the protection of the earth.

The Expo of Ideas will lay the foundations for the Charter of Milan, the great heritage and soul of the 2015 Universal Exposition. It’s a protocol that will feature, for the first time, citizens, institutions, companies, associations, academia and international organizations. All will sign the Charter, which will be delivered in October to the UN Secretary-General.