MieleBeekeepers are on alert in Italy: the last year honey production was quite low and the national production does not satisfy the honey requirements of the industry. Italian agricultural association Coldiretti reported that about half of the national production of honey dropped because of the plague of insects that kill bees and the vagaries of the weather and in Italy there is a high import of the product from third countries.

Most of the foreign honey arrives from Hungary  (7.6 million kilogram), China (2,6 million kilogram), Romania (1.8 million kilogram) and Spain (1,6 million of kilogram).The alert is not only that honey is imported from abroad, but also from countries where they are legal to genetically modified food crops, which may have an effect on pollen, bees, food and, obviously, on honey.

But that’s not all:  Italian honey has become so valuable that it increases the country’s new dealings massive theft of hives. In addition, Coldiretti noted the fact that criminal groups are beginning to control the production of honey poses a risk to consumer health.

That’s why it becomes increasingly important to protect the integrity of Italian honey and and find local beekeepers that preserve the national product and its value.