A vacation in Borgo di Vigoleno means a return to live in these small historic villages learning about them with the atmosphere, the fragrances and flavors that make typical local customs, products and traditions a way of life that is worth “savoring” with all fife senses. It’s no coincidence that the ancient medieval  village of Vigoleno is listed in the prestigious Club of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” founded through the incentive of the Tourism Council of the ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities). This project arose from the need to promote the great heritage of history, art, culture, environment and traditions found in small italian towns which are, for the most part, cut off from the flow of visitors and tourists.

There are in fact hundreds of small villages in Italy that risk depopulation and consequency decline caused by a situation of marginalization as regards the economic interests thet gravitate towards tourism and commercial trends. Thus it was decided to establish a Products Club that brings together the needs of those wise administrators who are most sensitive to the protection and promotion of the village and who believe in and will partecipate actively in such an important and challenging association.

Admission to the Club requires the meeting of a number of prerequisities, both structural, such as the architectonich harmony of the urban fabric and the quality of the public and private building heritage, and general, regarding the quality of life in the village in terms of activities and services for the people.

The “smaller” Italy like Vigoleno, that which is more hidden and less known, best represents the unfolding of the millenary history that left its indelible marks especially in these places cut off from development and modernization at all costs.