In our Apennines with its forests, grassy meadows, ravines and fossils hidden in its valleys hides ruins of a Roman city. It’s Veleia Roman tha was originally inhabited since 500 B.C. (2500 years old cenerary artifacts were also unearthed in the vicinity) then by the Ligures Veleiates tribes and that by the Ist c. A. D. it had already been transformed into a thriving and prosperous city by the Romans.

Veleia Romana is 28 km from Borgo di Vigoleno, you can vist ruins all year round and during the summer take place the Ancient Theatre Festival.

The existence of the roman city of Veleia has been certified by ancient sources but any further information, including the area where it was built, had been lost soon. In 1747 the dean of the Macinesso Parish Church found the fragments of a bronze inscription and, unaware of its great value, sold them to the nearby foundries. Fortunately, it had not been destroyed thanks to a scholar (of that period) that recognised its artistic value and, together with Antonio Costa, canon of/in the Cathedral of Piacenza, bought the missing fragments.
Two years later, two scholars, Ludovico Muratori and Scipione Maffei, identified the Tabula Alimentaria traianea , the institution established by Nerva and developed/pushed ahead by his successor, Trajan.
Muratori also realized that the place where they had found the inscription was the site of the ancient Veleia.
After this remarkable discovery, the Duke of Parma don Filippo I di Borbone, aiming at competing with his brother, the Duke Carlo III, that was exploring at that time the roman site of Pompeii, officially started the excavations and, a few months later, founded/established the Ducal Museum of Antiquities, now the National Archaeological Museum of Parma, in order to receive the findings.


Food Valley B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® is at the center of the “Food Valley”, the gluttonous land of tastes, wines and typical produce with  great gastronomic value. “Food Valley” is the homeland of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, Parma ham and Culatello di Zibello, Coppa from Piacenza, Strolghino di culatello, Pancetta and over 80 types of wines coming from the 20 DOC and DOCG certifications zones in Emilia Romagna. 

The local food culture extends beyond the city walls and castles because the whole territory surrounding B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® contains a cicuit of museums and tours dedicated to the great products of the regions, and unique experience to discover the history, the production method, the characteristics and the flavors of these products.

During the stay in B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno® you can decide to follow 5 different tours: Wine and Flavours of the Piacenza Hills Tour (; Po area and Flavours of the Piacenza Lowlands Tour (; Culatello of Zibello Tour (; Prosciutto and Wine of the Parma Hills Tour ( and Porcino Mushrooms of Borgotaro Tour ( 

After a holiday in our region you’ll understand that a the country’s cuisine does not exist solely in a list of recipes, but is represented in the identities of a land and its people, that also exists in their memories,  in those who have passed along the knowledge and wisdom for centuries in the preparation of food, transforming oftentimes “poor” or marginal ingredients into masterpieces of taste and good health.


Kitchen As reported in an article on USA Today the new trend for the holidays is breaking the stereotypes of the tourist guides and discover places with new eyes, to live memorable real life experiences.

If once travelers wanted to lock ourselves in a Spa or in the restaurant of a hotel, today they want to know what is on the outside, experiences more real and less touristy, sample pieces of real life, learn about the people and places through the point of view of those who live there.

The article underlines that travelers value experiences more than they value stuff has led many brands to rework their amenities that’s less about stuff and more about high value unique experiences coupled with exclusive access.”

That’s what can offer a vacation rental like B&B Vacation Rental Borgo di Vigoleno®.  An hotel is usually a single building comprised of many hotel rooms, with each room offering one or two beds and an attached bathroom, no privacy in and out. A vacation rental is a privately owned home with more space and greater privacy than a standard hotel room.

A fully furnished vacation rentals in typically italian countrystile with comfort bedrooms, as fully equipped kitchens, outdoor garden and a family inn service. And, last but not least, cozier and cheaper than an hotel.